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Protein is a structural part of food that everyone has heard of, yet still can be somewhat misunderstood and thus go missing from one’s general diet.  In general, protein is needed in every meal, and should make up approximately a third of food eaten with the other two-thirds made up of Carbohydrates and Healthy fats.  This includes breakfast!
The amount of protein we need daily is based some degree on one's weight – you can determine your daily protein needs by dividing your Body Weight (in Pounds) by 2.2.  This gives you the average amount of Protein in Grams one needs each day to maintain healthy and proper muscle, bone and other structural tissues.  Besides looking at sheer amounts of protein in grams, we should know that some proteins are not as digestible as others, and also vary in bio-availabilty (the amount that actually gets into tissues). In addition, plant proteins tend to be less inflammatory and less toxic than animal proteins, as they are less affected by bioaccumulation of pesticides, hormones and other chemical exposures.  This gives plant-sourced proteins a higher bio-availabilty and biological value than most animal proteins.

Protein is absolutely necessary to the production of hair, nails and skin. Some studies show that proteins are as important as calcium in building bone. Protein helps with appetite control, circulation, the proper manufacture of testosterone (which both men and women need) and the building of muscle tissues - the most important muscle being the Heart!  Animal-sourced proteins can come from Dairy Products, Eggs, Fish, Beef, Pork, Lamb, etc. Plant sources of proteins would be Nuts, Seeds, Soy, and Legumes combined with whole grains.

Vibrant Health's Pure Green Protein is a 100% Plant-based Protein, including Proteins from Yellow Peas, Alfalfa, Organic Rice, and Organic Spirulina Powder.  Spirulina has been shown in Peer reviewed studies to prevent Mouth Cancer, Colon Cancer and Liver Cancer as well as suppress the proliferation of Candida. Combined with the rest, this gives us a protein source with an excellent Amino Acid Profile. Amino Acids are the building blocks and structural components of all proteins, and are used by the body for various structural and cellular production and repair.  Vibrant Health’s Pure Green Protein has 1,470 mg of L-Arginine, a precursor to Nitric Oxide which helps the blood vessels to open properly and circulate blood efficiently.  L-Arginine is one of the Secretagogues that stimulate the release of our own natural Human Growth Hormone, which in turn activates the production of muscle, bone, and other tissues.  Pure Green Protein also contains the 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.  These Amino Acids wonderfully build muscle, may treat obesity, and have been shown to help liver repair even in cases of  Cirrhosis. They have also been use therapeutically to treat ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Additionally, Pure Green Protein contains L Tryptophan which, when taken at night, can help to control night-time, stressed-induced munching, and help one to have restful sleep by stimulating the production of Serotonin.

The above is only part of the story of Vibrant Health’s Pure Green Protein. Pure Green Protein comes in wonderful flavors of either Berry or Vanilla and even Plain. Pure Green Protein is sweetened with Luo Han Guo, a plant sweetener that has no caloric impact, does not raise your blood sugar, and does not cause weight gain or fat gain.  Pure Green Protein also contains the plant digestive enzyme Protease, which is a Proteolytic enzyme (an Enzyme that helps digest proteins).  Protease is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory if taken in between meals.

So you can see that Vibrant Health's Pure Green Protein is a complete anti-inflammatory and highly bio-available source of Protein as well as a great Protein supplement that can be taken morning, noon, or evening, and particularly after exercise.